Oct 2004: I figured since I would be working on the engine for many months on end, why not take a couple weeks and rebuild the rear brakes? I have driven it with basically no stopping power for the last year, and on several occasions have hit trees, fences, cows.....

I didn't really take many pictures of the process, but it took FOREVER to get together all the parts. There were no brake lines, wheel cylinders, pads, springs, retainer clips, nothing on either wheel. I remember about a year ago I heard really bad noises coming from inside the brake drum. My solution - rip it all out and leave it in the ditch.

Buying the parts online is difficult because you don't really know what you are getting. It isn't cheaper either, and with shipping wait, no return policy, its not really a good deal for straight replacement parts. I spend many days at napa looking through the books trying to match their part book picture with ones I could find online. Over half the parts were not listed for a CJ-5.



The finished product, all nice a painted. I wish it would stay this way!

June 2005: I still could not get the jeep to stop, so I replaced the master cylinder. It helped alot, but I still can't lock the tires.