May - June 2003: As soon as I was in reach of a cutting torch, that hideous bumper thing was cut off.

Basically I hacked the thing off, shortened the bumper braces by about six inches, and replaced the thin pipe bumper with a 70 pound, quarter inch monster I got at the metal recycling plant. The big hillbilly square grill guard was replaced by a much smaller pipe one. I plan on adding several off-road lights to it.



While I had the welding equipment out, I also made a towbar for it. Since the jeep isn't licensed, this is the best way to get it around.

Yes, that there is Rustoleum-Red. Two coats to be precise. Who wants to pay 500 bucks at a professional place when it can be done for $20 at James's Body Shop? In this pic the seats are out for the next step. Bedliner!

There were some nice holes in the floor boards where your feet go, and I didn't want the passengers shoelaces to be pulled off by the spinning driveshaft, so I bought some flashing and some screws and fixed that. It took seriously an entire day to prep the bed for lining.

The paint i used is the cheap stuff, well relatively cheap at $15 bucks a quart, and I used two! The good stuff is like three times that. I didn't really get it on too thick, but it will do.

After a long, and I mean looonnnggg attempt to buy headlights on ebay, I finally succeeded. I got them both for 28 bucks, but had to pay another 20 to get them shipped from Canada.

The installation wasn't bad, even though I had to drill all the holes for them to bolt to the fiberglass. But the wiring, on the other hand wasn't fun. The entire front end is one piece, so the headlights fold up with the hood. That means the wiring had to be run secularly along it, without drilling holes visible on the outside