Dec 17, 2004 - The big day I had been preparing for had arrived. I could finally install the engine in the jeep.


I bought a nice engine lift when I pulled the 304, and it came in handy here.

I fitted the engine first, got all the mounts clamped in place, and then took it out and welded the mounts in.


I preinstalled the transmission and transfer case, as it would be almost impossible to fit them together under the jeep.

I had problems getting the transmission past the area between the skidplate and the sheetmetal. I had to eventually remove the skidplate to allow clearance during installation.



After much rocking and yanking, I finally got the engine to squeeze in.



I was worried about the clearance of the distributor to the firewall, but it cleared by a 1/2 inch. Notice the dents in the firewall. I banged it with a sledge a little, but to add a little more leeway.




Here is the reinstallation after the mounts had been welded and the frame painted.




The engine is officially in!