Dec 2004: - Now that the engine was ready for installation, I needed mounts for it. I priced conversion mounts at about $100 bucks. I had the original chevy mounts from the blazer, so I figured I could make my own. I bought a donut engine rubber mount from a performance shop ($30), which was the only money I spent on it.



I took the stock mounts, and welded plates on the side, so that the bottom of the plates would be parallel to the ground. They would sit on top of simple 90 degree brackets that would be welded to the frame.


The rubber mount would separate the two plates.



The result was a little wide (because of the width of the stock mount) but good.

The part that took the most time was installation, which would have taken the same amount of time with commercial mounts. The engine had to be high enough to clear the front driveshaft and axle, but low enough so that the air cleaner wouldn't contact the hood. Also notice the close proximity to the exhaust on the upper left of the picture.