March 2003

This is the Jeep before being brought home ... or should I say brought to the doctor.


Yes, that is a deer-stand. The previous owner obviously doesn't know much about deer hunting if he though that he could sneak up of them with this thing!



Bethany won't sit on the seats. I had to get some fancy seat covers before she would get anywhere near them.

Step 1: Rebuild carb after engine will not run smoothly

This is the carburetor before rebuilding.

It's a Holley model 4175 4-barrel with a vacuum secondary sitting on an AMC 304

After about 5 trips to a performance shop in Bryan, I finally located the correct renew kit.

The insides were full of carbon deposits from the many years of running without correct timing, which causes backfiring.

Back together.

Its not a good feeling to only use about 25 percent of the parts in the rebuild kit, but that's a normal thing.
This was my first carb to rebuild, and as far as I can tell it was successful. Its really not that hard as long as you are good at reading a exploded diagram.

My shop...well ok its a piece of plywood held up by chairs, and all the tools I have is one of those 20 dollar tool kits you see in the mall. When I live at home this summer, I'll have access to a much better selection of tools.



Engine before the carb goes back on. Check out the burn spot on the under side of the hood from the backfiring up through the carb. I assume the timing is incorrect.

Step 2: Time correctly and attempt to run engine

   April 14,2003: After the carb was reinstalled, I fired it up. Well at least I tried to. The starter solenoid was bad, so I replaced it, and added a starter button to the dash so I could actually start it while sitting in the seat. I cranked it up, and it immediately roared to life. Thrilled, I gave it some gas, and BANG, BANG, SPLAT, it died. I figured that the engine just flooded or something, so I fired it up again. To my dismay it did the same thing, it idles, but then dies with any extra gas, with a loud display of backfiring though the carb as well as through the exhaust.

    Suspecting the timing, I checked it, it was set to 6 degrees advanced. I can't find what it's supposed to be, but adjusting it any more retarded causing the idle to be too low.

    I let it idle for almost an hour, with no problems, so I decided to take it for a ride. I jumped in and took off, kinda funny though as I couldn't accelerate. I got all the way up to 20 mph in 4th gear! I don't care cause I was riding in my jeep! (hows that for some low end torque, 4th gear at idle speeds!)

    Since then I have taken off all the spark plugs and cleaned them. One piston seems to be leaking a small amount of oil, but not enough to make it misfire or backfire. I'm not sure what else to least what can be done in a driveway with a 30 dollar mall emergency tool kit!

April 16,2003: I loosened up the distributor again, and messed with the timing. I turned it to zero degrees advanced, and the engine barely run, and wouldn't accelerate. So I turned it the other way, advancing the engine well past 12 degrees, so far that I couldn't even see the mark. I gave the throttle a shove, and FRRUMM, the engine sped up! I jammed the gas a few times, and every time the engine responded. I can't figure out how advancing the timing so far would make the engine run better...but I didn't care and jumped in and took it for a drive. (I learned later that the timing is actually is supposed to be set about 10 degrees BTDC) It's alot more fun to drive when you can actually accelerate! The problem now is that the passenger side exhaust is smoking pretty bad, a problem caused by a obvious oil leak in the last cylinder.