May 2004: After 8 months of weekly fun off-road at the cabin, I began to be faced with a jeep that continually ran worse and worse, I would start cold ok, but when warm, would be difficult to start. Backfires became more frequent and I noticed a decrease in power.I diagnosed the problem as a bad carb. My grandmother let me choose my College graduation gift, so I chose to get a new one.


My choice: The Holley Truck Avenger

The results were immedate. The jeep started better, ran better, and had much more power.

May 11, 2004

First trip back out at cabin with new carb. I was at about a 20 degree slant here, just see if it still ran smooth at its advertised roll angle.

I was very pleased, but that was only the beginning.....

May 15, 2004

First trip down the creek with the new carb. I tried to climb the wall, and my front end slid to the left, and I fell off the wall sideways. Kind of scary, but it was very slow. I actually jumped out and held up the jeep by the rollbar. The bid deal was, the ENGINE STILL RAN!

I tried to brace in the seat and attempt to back it up, but it didn't work. The jeep just tried to lean further.




I conceded, and started the half mile run back to the cabin to get my truck and extraction gear. The engine had died by the time I got back, but it probably ran for at least 5 minutes!

To extract it, I pulled down the back wheel, and then pull the front right weel directly sideways.

Notice where I put the hook (on the spring). No wonder why my shackle is bent to the side!