Finally got the jeep back out to the cabin after 3 months of not running. The new carb seems to be working well, after Easter weekend when I installed it.

Drove it around for a few minutes, until it just quit. I couldn't get it started. I opened the hood and noticed it wasn't getting gas. I unplugged the line to the new electric fuel pump I installed, which now wasn't pumping. For the next hour with no light and nothing but my pocket knife, I reinstalled the mechanical fuel pump which I had wisely left on. It quickly refired. I think I'll stick with the mechanical one.





On the way back to the cabin I passed the big sand hill. I couldn't resist.




Picture of the Hella 550's on my truck Bethany gave me for my birthday.



I quickly high-centered the jeep on top of the hill, and had to pull it off with the truck. I ripped off the bumper.


Not a long trip, but it was the first in 3 months so I was excited.