Glad to have the new carb in, I was eager to test it down in the creek. So off I went. I tried to find a new way down on the close and convenient side of the creek, and I found a place that looked ok. I had to drive though the brush, over a couple rotten logs to get to it. I eased it down the hill, foot on the brake as hard as I could. I was ok until right at the bottom, where there was about a 3ft straight drop. The nose of the jeep promptly planted itself down in the mud, but was driven forward, where the end of the jeep fell off the mini-cliff. It cleanly tore off the rear bumper which was damaged the time before. (April 11) Oh well, it was weak anyway. This whole time, the carb never missed a beat. I drove up the creek a bit, until I hit a fallen tree. Didn't have time to move it then.

I drove back down, and figured I could attempt to exit the same way I entered. I turned around since I had to hit the hill at an angle to miss the mini-cliff, and then turn uphill. I made it on the second try, but squarely hit a tree at the top, there was no way that I could readjust my position, and while debating what to do, my brakes let go, sending me backward off that cliff again. Ouch

So up I went again, but this time I ran into problem, went I turned up hill, I immediately slid downhill, SIDEWAYS off the cliff. The rest is in the pictures.

I literally fell out of my seat, and subconsciously pushed back, which probably held the jeep in the air. After it was stabilized, I tried to feed in a little clutch, which made it lean even more. I sprinted back to the cabin (1/2 mile) to get the truck and rescue equipment. The engine ran until the fuel bowls were empty! I'm very pleased with the holley truck avenger. No telling how long the engine would have run had the sender in the fuel tank been able to reach fuel.






First I pulled the right side back down to the ground. It made the suspension make bad bad noises.




Then I replaced it with another chain, and attached the front left to a tree across the creek. I was trying to pull it out of the deep mud and back onto flat ground.





You can see the tire flexing. This wasn't great on the jeep, but it got it out ok.



Might seem a little unsafe, but I had fun!


To exit the creek I had to drive out the opposite side, and go through two gates that I didn't have keys to.  (I had to use my master key, a 9/16 wrench)