Since Ryan missed going on thurs, we went on sat. as well. Darn, gotta go drive the jeep again. We got there and Ryan mentioned, "Why don't you put the dune buggies' tires on the jeep?". I thought, "Hmm, why not?". If you ask, "Will it make that big of a difference?" then look at the next few pictures.




31" x15.5" Goodyear Terratires. Better than the bogger, but only rated to 30 mph.

Compare it to the work 31" BFG All-Terrain




Just a slight difference.....



First tries....

I noticed that it took alot of horsepower to spin the tires, but the increase in traction was incredible.






Down in the creek



Notice how far I got up the hill, usually the back tires don't leave the bottom. Also notice the smoke, the oil leak is getting bad.





Mean little bugger.....



Ran into a fallen tree across the creek, and we didn't have a saw. Time to wip out the chain and pull. Look at the video.

Jeep Pulling Tree (video)




We did eventually pull it out of the way.




I made an early exit from the creek, doesn't look like much from the pic, but it was really steep. Look at the video.


Driving up side of creek (video)