Out at the cabin for a little fun, you can see me wiring down the new High-Lift I bought.




Muddin though a nasty stock tank




Another view



Me finding out that the paper open air airfilter likes to suck in water.



Finally got it re-cranked

Only to find out the distributor is wet as well. Yes that water is green. (You don't see me standing in it do you?)





Got a friend to pull it up on land, to attempt to dry the distributor. (We were successful, and I drove it back to the trailer)

The next day I put on my truck's old air intake, which uses a anti-water flap and a K&N filter. I also sealed the distributor cap on with RTV sealant.


A few days later in an almost dry creek bed. There was about 6 inches of water there, and a full throttle charge through it did not kill the engine, so I assume my water proofing worked. However, the mud was deep and my all-terrains failed me. About 20 minutes of rocking and pushing, we managed to free it without using any of the recovery equipment. I really want those 35" boggers!