Its the first dead day after a llllloooonnnggg weekend of work. So I headed out to the cabin for a day of relaxation. (and fun)


I attempted the deep hole for the first time and was unsuccessful, even with the dune buggy's tires. I survived the deep water, all 3ft of it, but the soft sand on the other side wouldn't allow me to climb. I might have made if it I could have spun my tires a little longer, but the engine was sputtering as water got sucked in. I don't have any pics, (I was worried about other things), but here is an after pic showing how far I got.





Other pics of me climbing various walls. (or trying to)

We made it all the way down the creek, and near the end I tried to get out in a cow path, but was unsuccesful. I then noticed the sheer wall next to the path. I thought "hey, why not?"
And a Movie! (This is my favorite)

Climbing the Wall

Notice I don't have any brakes, and must use the engine to stop. The engine doesn't run for more than a couple seconds at this angle, even with the holley carb.


We exited the creek similar to last time, but this time Ryan filmed from the inside.

Climbing the Cow Path


Before heading in, I played around in the old nasty stock tank. (Ryan opted to stay on dry land)

In the nasty tank