Go at it again, after a foot of rain.

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.





Ran into a tad of a problem. (The carb wouldn't work at such a bad angle.)



Luckily, it was inline with a break in the trees, which allowed me to pull into out from the cliff above.

The bottom of the creek is about 15 feet below ground level. Running the cable up there was quite a hassle.





You can see better in this picture where we could pull with the truck.

There is only one way out of the creek, and we were now up stream up it. Not a big deal, expect the weird angle had caused alot of the air to leak out of one of the tires. Had to hope for the best and go for it.






And guess what happened....



No where to go up down the river, and no spare. (That piece of rubber on the back of the jeep doesn't count)

The jeep is a whole lot less effective with a basically two wheel drive. What was easy before, was now impossible.



This is after I jacked it up about 6 inches with the Hi Lift. Before the water line was at the middle of the license plate, completely covering the tires.






After several hours of work, we finally got it out.