Got a walk in HT lab, so I decided to head out to the cabin where this beast waited.


Mission: Run the creek


This doesn't look near as bad as it was. Somehow I got the jeep perpendicular in the creek, with the front 2 tires up on a 2 foot ledge. Directly behind the jeep is about 2 feet of water.

I was trying to get around the creek bend, which was at least 30 degrees off camber.


Alone at the time, I headed back to the cabin to wait for Chris.




Here, I try the high route, only to slide precariously toward that little 2 foot ledge. (which is more than enough to flip it over).




Haven given up on the dry routes, I took a running start and plunged though the water, and barely made it though. (this pic is right at the beginning)



Having completed that first hard obstacle, and several other not so hard ones, I came to a S bend, which in the middle, was a nice little hole.

Having learned that the jeep has surprising traction on the sandy bottom, I attempted a full throttle plunge.




And buried a 30 degree angle



Back and forth back and forth, each time sliding down the hill, into deeper water. Not a good feeling! Several times it was high enough to come over the side and filled up the floorboard. Notice the front tire not spinning: that is what open differentials will do.



See the large tree? And see me backing up? I slid down at just the right speed to catch my rollbar on it, and push it up towards me about 6 inches. It ripped the rear body mount out, and bend the side panel a little, but could have been worse. (Why do they mount a rollbar to a 20 gauge body panel and not the frame?)

After sliding all the way down the hill into an easy 2 and a half feet of water, I finally managed to get out. Driving in the deep water is unnerving, but the way the sand forms around the bends, is it the easiest to drive in, because it is the only flat spot.


(Once I got to the end of the creek, I had to turn around and drive them all again! They seem to be alot easier when driving down the creek as apposed to up the creek.)