One of the main problems with putting a chevy engine in a jeep is trying to cool the 255 HP that come along with it. The old AMC 304 was 125 HP, which is about half the chevy. The rule of thumb is that you have to cool 1/3 of the engine's power, so roughly...twice as much as before. I examined all the available options, including high performance thick core aluminum radiators. They can get pretty pricey, and I figured I would just destroy it on the first trip out. Also, the fan on the 350 stuck out a little further than the AMC, and was going to make installation of the radiator difficult.



The choice I made was using the stock radiator with a monster 4000 CFM electric fan from derale.



I also bought a Derale thermostat to turn the fans on and off automatically. I couldn't get it to work, though, and had to send it back for a replacement. Summit Racing is pretty good with returns, and even pays for return shipping.



I rebuilt the radiator mount so that it could be taken off as a complete unit, as the radiator to fan connection is made with one-use straps. Also, you can see the extravagant hose I had to put together to reach the water pump. The jeep radiator's inlets are on the opposite side compared to a chevy.

After running the engine up to temperature, I was disapointed to see it creep over up to 220. It didnt get any hotter than this, but would not stay at 190. I again looked into better radiator, but chose to buy an oil cooler. It has its own mini radiator, which straps to the front of the existing radiator. It seems to have added the extra cooling that was needed.