Sept 2004: Having a little time while searching for a new engine, I decided to put my new metalworking skills to work and build a rear bumper for the jeep. I bought a metal chop saw and a pipe bender from harbor freight to speed my work. I decided to do more of a rear grill guard to protect the sheet metal and taillights from the sides of the creek I like to back into.



Here is the completed bumper before installation.

The bumper is held in place by two plates that a welding perpendicular to the parallel pipes at the bottom, and run along the frame.

Notice the left shackle hanging down. The frame was rusted there and I was in the process of welding plates on the bottom and the side to reinforce it.

I drilled holes in this plate in order to bolt the bumper too. The two plates combined with was was left of the frame was almost 3/4". I broke 4 bits and 3 wrists trying to drill those holes in such a tight space.



The plate welded to reinforce the frame.



The end of the frame was in pretty bad shape, and it took alot of time to fix it.



The wrap around feature protects the corners from objects and also reduces the moment arm the main part would be in a rear end collision.



While I was at it, I decided to sandblast the front bumper so that I could paint them at the same time. Here Bethany learns to sandblast.

(Pictures of finished bumpers to come.....)