These are the seats that came with the jeep, and the ones I used for almost 2 years. Bethany refused to sit in them, so I got some cheap seat covers from Wal-Mart for a temporary fix. They still took forever to dry out, and were just plain disgusting.


I looked into numerous different options, including stock seats from a junkyard, APC racing seats, etc. The main problem was their durability in water and mud. Most all seats are made for inside use only. There are a few water proof seat covers ie sealskins, but they are only for rain and splashes. I deal with SUBMERSION on a regular basis, and needed something completely waterproof.




After months of searching I stumbled across the Summit racing seat. Its purely plastic, and thus completely waterproof. Also, for $36.99 its about 20% of the price of the conventional racing seats.



I severely modified the existing seat brackets to support the flat bottomed seats. Would have been a really easy job to do had I had another way to cut the metal. I was forced to torch cut the sheet metal into 1" strips and the grind the edges flat. Not the prettiest thing in the world, but very strong and still easily removable from the jeep.




Summit also makes form fitting seat covers with 1" thick foam padding, which I received for a Christmas present. However, the seats are surprisingly comfortable, and the extra padding is not necessary unless you are going on an extended trip.



8-4-05: The first trip out to the cabin. Those fancy cloth racing seats would have been ruined in the first 10 minutes. The mud and dirt simply brushes off. Water tends to puddle in them, but at that point, you probably can't get much wetter.