April 2005: After putting the new engine in, I began the process of trying to adapt the jeep's existing wiring harness to engine. I was going to need several new circuit, but the existing fuse box would not handle them. Plus, it wasn't exactly in the best shape. I decided the only thing to do was to start from scratch.

I began by pulling and cutting every single wire from the seats forward. I pulled out the old fuse box as well as all the gauge wire behind dash. Now I began almost a month long process of rewiring everything.

I yanked out the old air-conditioning stuff that was under the passenger side dash, and the result was a decently large area that I would use for the new water-proof fuse-box box. I purchased a fuse box from a guy on ebay, but knowing my driving habits, I knew it would get wet. I TIG welded a square box, in which I would bolt the fuse-box, relays, and the fan's thermostat in.



The fuse box I located is actually used in a Crown Vic police package, so it contains relays as well as fuses. You can see how the top bolts on, completely sealing the interior off from the nasty creek water.



I probably soldered at least 100 connections total, and had to do most twice, just to make it look nice.




I installed identical switches for all the lights, etc. I would later learn that they are definitely NOT water-proof!




July 2005: Finalizing all wiring..



I RTVed all the wiring inlets as well as all the bolt holes. This seems to work well, as long as the box isn't completely submerged for any amount of time.